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TODO list
Future features
  • More About details in user's profile visible on user's About: Bate of birth, About my Fotopage, Other equipment, Imaging software, Fotopage Keywords, Personal Avatar, Website, Occupsation, Interests, ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo
  • Add "Show Email in About" flag in user's profile
  • Add MetaTags to people's Fotopages based on user's profile
  • Add Merge entries
  • Add Fotopage Channels - Allows creating different Fotopage-Channels under the same user's Fotopage. Channels will be accessible through a combo-box on the Fotopage's header, through http://[username][channel]/ as well as through 'Skinz channels list object'. (Channels - temporary name)
  • Add Fotopage Sets - Allows creating non-chronological Fotopage-Channels (like Foto Albums). Sets will be accessible through http://[username][channel]/ as well as through 'Skinz sets list object' (Sets - temporary name)
  • Add "I feel lucky" and "Random" buttons in index page SearchBar
  • Add a setting for the default view (of http://[username] Can be set to Default channel or any other Channel or set.
  • Add Cameras thumbnail and review link
  • Add search limit by Camera
  • Add WLink system to integrate into Entries/Sets - Allows creating rings of links between different Fotopagers' entries/sets. WLink creator can manage WLink participators
  • Add GMT settings - Influences Fotopage view, editing and moblogging as well as discussion board time view
  • Add spell-checker (JSpell) to comments and entries text
  • Add description + Camera + Notes per Foto
  • Remove HTML codes from user profile fields
  • Sync board settings with personal profile
  • Add password protected views (per channel/set) - Allows restriction of views to specific channels/sets
  • Add Skinz - Allows creating customized view of the Fotopage. Allows extensive control over the view of the Fotopage as well as adding dynamic objects (Sets list, Clock, Weather control etc..)
  • Add Wizard Templates for entering/creating FPs (i.e. Baby Template + Baby details)
  • Add Premium mechanism + Trial mechanism
  • Comments on Fotos + a link on Greeetings to comments on the Foto
  • Add adult setting to user's profile, add cookie to turn adult Fotopages in index and searches.
  • Add default moblogging destination channel/set setting
  • Add External(cross user) entries symbolic links - depending on external symbolic-link permit in user's settings (including specific Fotopagers/Friends-list permissions)
  • Fotos symbolic links and external(cross user) Symbolic links - depending on Fotopages external symbolic link permission
  • Add Foto details to of uploaded/moblog JPEGs into Foto Notes based on exif data corresponding with a flag in user's settings
  • Add Rate Foto. Allow user to turn on/off rating. Rating based on several aspects (Quality, Originality etc..). Add Top rated Fotos in Browse.
  • Add Rate Fotopages. Allow user to turn on/off rating. Rating based on several aspects (Quality/Professionalism, Intrest, Originality etc..). Add Top rated Fotopages in Browse.
  • Add additional account's statistics to user's statistics page and account's overview. Add popularity stats.
  • Add comments rule: Any, none, fotopagers
  • Reverse favorites and reverse links detection - Allows a Fotopager to see who links to their Fotopage from within Fotopages system
  • My favorite image/s - Can be visible in about and top of log (in top bar and in About) or top string below the bar, may be based on Skinz object. (Consider adding after Symbolic links - implement by using a special set)
  • Add Contests support for Premium accounts
  • Private messages page in Account + Notification on Account's overview + Private message button on Fotopages visible to other logged-in Fotopagers
  • Friends mechanism - Visible as a links group + top Foto thumb of one of the friends' randomly selected from the list
  • Add 'Skinz Friends object'
  • Add "Add to Friends" button on other Fotopages - Allows fast addition of other Fotopages to your Friends list. Visible for logged-in Fotopagers
  • Add slideshow button in sets view - Allows easy full-screen viewing of images in a set. Consider adding the same button to entries.
  • Add community slideshow of sets. Add slideshow publish option to sets. Allow community slideshow via symbolic links of many Fotos from many different Fotopages. Add slideshow search and browse by rating.
  • Server side Foto Rotate, Flip and additional functions
  • Add international prints service
  • Add Creative commons support to Fotopages/Channels/Fotos (
  • Add Auto-Watermark of Fotos
  • Loader application for Fotos- Allows pre-compression of Images prior to uploading. Speeds up upload.
  • Hires images access for Premium account Fotopagers.
  • Add CD Burning service.
  • Add NON-HTML version for Entries/Fotos emails.
  • Add User Domain support
  • Add Next/Prev/Navigation for Most-popular/Recent in Browse
  • Add unique cookie flag indicator - Allows more accurate Unique visitors detection.
  • Add statistics on Foto views - Allows adding of most viewed user's Fotos statistics
  • Add personal Fotopage BizCard prints
  • Create WallPaper+ScreenSaver client - based on a special DB of Fotopagers contributed Fotos. Allow client to download Fotos from Fotopager and/or Friends Fotopages (Password protected and permission dependant)
  • Add Monthly stats by email for Fotopagers
  • Add Movies & Voice support - uploader ActiveX integration
  • WLink in Comments for Fotopagers (corresponding setting in Account)

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